Awards – 2021

District III Perennial Bloom Award – Susan Scotti

Awards – 2020

District III Perennial Bloom Award – Jody Goulden

NGC Member Award of Honor – Thea McGinnis

Awards – 2019 

District III Perennial Bloom Award – Ann Lunson

VFGC Awards:

Congratulations to RSGC for the many awards presented to the Club from the Piedmont District, Virginia Federated Garden Clubs, and Southern Atlantic Region

1. Club Yearbook   1st Place-Orange Rosette
2. Club Newsletter    2nd Place-Red Ribbon
3. Youth Horticulture (Tuckahoe ES)   2nd Place-Red Ribbon
4. Flower Show Schedule 2nd Place- Red Ribbon Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs:
1. Club Newsletter   1st Place- Blue Ribbon/ $20. 00 monetary award
2. Club Yearbook   2nd Place-Red RibbonSouth Atlantic Region:
1. SAR Garden Club: Most Plantations of Penny
Pines Award for 2020/$25.00 monetary award

NCAGC Awards

Once again, RSGC has won District3 awards from the National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. The awards were announced “virtually” in April. Many thanks to all Chairman who sent application information and pictures to me to last Fall. And thank you to all members who work tirelessly and with enthusiasm with RSGC’s various committees.
RSGC was awarded the following:

Community Service Award——–Certificate
Flower Show Schedule Citation——Horticulture Specialty Show, Certificate
Yearbook Certificate of Merit—- First Place/70-99 Members
Publication Certificate of Merit—-First Place/70-99 Members (Outstanding Club Newsletter)

National Garden CLubs / Central Atlantic Region:

Award of Honor Nominee—-Thea McGinnis—–

Rock Spring Garden Club congratulates member, Thea McGinnis, on winning the National Garden Club and Central Atlantic Region (CAR) of State Garden Clubs, Award of Honor. Thea was nominated by RSGC and won the Award of Honor in District 3 of the National Capital Area, of which RSGC is a member. The Central Atlantic Region includes garden clubs in Delaware, Maryland, National Capital Area, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Please join in congratulating Thea on this very prestigious honor.

Congratulations!!!!!  – Renee Bayes, Awards Chairman, 2019-2021

Awards – 2018

Great news! Rock Spring Garden Club has garnered lots of awards. In addition to awards from National Capital Area Garden Clubs and the Piedmont District of Virginia Federated Garden Clubs, we also received State awards from VFGC, inclufing First Place for our Yearbook and our Newsletter, The Gardenzette. AND National Garden Clubs awarded us First Place for our RSGC website and Certificate of Merit for The Gardenzette.  Congratulations to Thea McGinnis for moderating and content creation for our website.  Congratulations to Julie Wadsworth, our Yearbook Editor for perfecting all the components, process and assembling our book for print. And congratulations to Pat Getz who has produced a beautiful Gardenzette every month.  You make us all look good! – Carol Cochran

Awards – 2017

On April 10, 2018, VFGC awarded Rock Spring Garden club a Blue Ribbon for The Gardenzette, and a Blue Ribbon for our landscape project at Arlington Firehouse 8.  Our Club also received state awards from NCAGC for The Gardenzette, Yearbook, Community Service, Website and Overall Achievement.

At the NGC National Convention, Rock Spring Garden Club was awarded two National Awards through Virginia Federated Garden Clubs. The first was the Tommy Donnan Publication Certificate of Merit for The Gardenzette in the large club category. Congratulations to Joan Hession, Editor, The second is a new award in the Membership and Promotion category for innovative ways to increase membership and public visibility.  The was awarded for our photo slideshow of club activities created by Connie Richards for our Holiday Floral Design Event. Many thanks to Awards Chairperson, Carol Cochran for her hard work writing up our Awards applications that recognize the extraordinary creative achievementd of our club members.


Awards –  2016:

While I have turned the awards scepter over to Carol Cochran, I’m still thrilled to announce that Rock Spring Garden Club won a national award!!!! through Virginia Federated Garden Clubs for our large club Newsletter Publication ‘The Gardenzette’ at May’s 2017 NGC convention in Richmond. I want to especially thank our editor, Joan Hession for her leadership in getting our beautiful newsletter to print every month – a newsletter exceeding 13+ pages every month. Content is important as well and the quality of our newsletter lands directly on the shoulders of our club member contributors. Original content articles are such a plus for any publication. And all the photography! Articles on horticulture and conservation and gardening further enhance member education. I really enjoy reading the Gardenzette cover to cover as soon as I receive it. Our club really has a Lot going on! Thank you all and congratulations! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation! Thea McGinnis

Rock Spring Garden Club received several awards over the past month!  Awards are a tangible recognition of the work and efforts of all our club members throughout the year.  In addition to certificates, we have receivd $90 in monetary awards.  I am so proud of this club! Thank you all.  Let’s start with:
VFGC’s Piedmont District:
Blue Ribbon   Club Newsletter, Joan Hession, Editor plus $20
Blue Ribbon   Club Yearbook  PLUS top award – Orange Rosette, Julie Wadsworth, Editor plus $20
Blue Ribbon   That’s Life Flower Show Schedule – Charlotte Benjamin, Chair, Thea McGinnis, Schedule
Our Club Yearbook competed at the VFGC state level and I will keep you posted of any further recognition.
NCAGC District III:
Citation for Outstanding Garden Club Achievement (60 or more members)
Yearbook Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Club Yearbook (70-99 members) Julie Wadsworth, editor
Publication Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Club Newsletter (70-99 members) Joan Hession, editor
NCAGC (State Awards):
Citations – For our financial contributions to:
The Rae Kimmel Scholarship
Fern Valley
Nature Conservancy
Community Garden
Rain Gardens at US National Arboretum
Competitive Awards:
Rita Butterworth Award (For Educational Exhibits in flower show) Charlotte Benjamin, Chair, plus $50
Standard Flower Show Citation or That’s Life – Charlotte Benjamin, Chair
Citation for Outstanding Garden Club Achievement (60 or more members)
Yearbook Certificate of Merit, Julie Wadsworth, Editor
Outstanding Electronic District Newsletter, Joan Hession, Editor
Presidential Citation for Outstanding Garden Related Activities – NCAGC Blog Chair – Thea McGinnis
Arbor House Service Certificate
Education Service Certificate
Standard Flower Show and Rosette – That’s Life, Charlotte Benjamin, Chair
Electronic Media Award – Website and Facebook – Thea McGinnis, Chair



DISTRICT III – Presented one of our members with the 2016 Perennial Bloom Award.  Long time member, Bernie Donaldson, was recognized at the June 17, 2016 District III Presidents’ Coffee at Meadowlark Gardens.  We should note that Bernie, although now a sustaining member of RSGC, entered our April That’s Life Standard Flower Show, and received the TOP award for her amazing african violet.  We are SO proud of her accomplishments and glad for her long time membership in Rock Spring GC.  Congratulations, Bernie!!  RSGC also received recognition from District III for our Standard Flower Show, That’s Life, held April 22.FullSizeRender-6


NATIONAL GARDEN CLUBS, INC. AWARDS – May 2016 – We received this letter from Janice Clem, President of Virginia Federated Garden Clubs, Inc.:
Dear Connie,

At the National Garden Clubs’ Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was my pleasure to accept the awards that our Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs’ members won.

I am so pleased to tell you that Rock Spring Garden Club won the following award:

Certificate of Commendation

#68 Video/CD Award Overall winner Rock Spring GC
Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit

#12-3Aiii Publication Newsletter 13-24 pages First Place Rock Spring GC (CAROL COCHRAN, EDITOR)
I am very proud of Rock Spring Garden Club members and all the work you all do for your community.
I am glad to see the club receive recognition for its accomplishments.

I will be mailing you the awards for your club.

Congratulations to the club for all the awards it won from Piedmont District, Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, and National Garden Clubs.

Please continue to apply for awards. Your club members not only do the work but you know how to apply and win awards.

Best wishes,
Janice Clem
VFGC President



Awards  – Presentations April, 2016:

Congratulations to the members of Rock Spring Garden Club! We are pleased to announce the 2015 Awards recognition received by our club from NCAGC, District III, C.A.R. and VFGC Piedmont District and VFGC:
District III of National Capital Area Garden Clubs:
Certificates of Achievement for our Club Yearbook and Club Newsletter; Outstanding Garden Club Achievement
National Capital Area Garden Clubs State Awards:
#18 Citation for Outstanding Garden Club Achievement 60 or more members
#20 Yearbook Certificate of Merit 70-99 members (Mary Cottrell, Editor)
#21 B2 Outstanding Club Electronic Newsletter (Carol Cochran, Editor)
Citations for Contributions to #24 Rae Kimmel Scholarship, #26 Arbor House, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Fern Valley, and The Nature Conservancy
In addition, District III won Award #1 The Beatrice M. Coiner Award for Community Projects ($150) for the DistrictIII Garden Tour and Faire that our club worked on with all the other clubs in District III. In addition, DIII received an Award #21 A for Outstanding Publications for the Garden tour and Faire Photo Books and Faire Ticket & Tour Guide. Plus! #34A Website DistrictIII Garden Spaces Electronic Maps. All these State Awards were also submitted to National Garden Clubs for consideration for National awards. Those awards will be announced in May at the NGC Convention and we’ll let you know what happens!! Many thanks to all of you who worked as docents for the garden tour, refreshments, attended the tour and bought and sold tickets. That event yielded approximately $6000 which was redistributed to Green Spring Regional Gardens for their gazebo restoration project and District III’s Grant for Membership Initiatives program, as well as other on going programs and future projects. Thank you!
Central Atlantic Region:
Yearbook Award 70-99 members, 3rd Place (Mary Cottrell, Editor)

VFGC Piedmont District:

Virginia Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. (State Awards)
PD 10 – Membership Award – 3rd Place
PD 14 – Special Achievement Award – Holiday Design Event – White Rosette (Anne Collins, Sharon DeAngelis, co-Chairs and committee)
PD 14 – Special Achievement Award – Garden of The Year – 2nd Place (Barry Wood, Chair and committee) PD 20 – Club Newsletter – 1st Place (Carol Cochran, Editor) Blue Ribbon plus $20
PD 21 – Club Yearbook – 2nd Place (Mary Cottrell, Editor)

S-35iii Special Achievement – Holiday Design Event – 1st Place White Rosette (Anne Collins, Sharon DeAngelis, co-Chairs)
S-43Biii Club Newsletter – 1st Place Blue Ribbon plus $20 (Carol Cochran, Editor)
While there is great purpose to the work of each and every committee in RSGC for which to be proud of, we know we don’t work so hard and tirelessly to make every project we do successful and meaningful, just to receive Awards. It is the job of the Awards Chairperson, though, to make sure you all do receive the recognition you’ve earned.
We have worked for many years to create wonderful community partnerships and service projects like Garden Therapy, Youth Activities, Garden of the Year, Holiday Design Event, Floral arrangements for community events and organizations, Outdoor Lab Scholarships, Rock Spring Park, producing a wonderful newsletter, and a very detailed yearbook to serve our members, and offer educational and informative programs that are free and open to the public. Our Ways & Means support our endeavors and our wonderful hospitality continues to nourish us. Really, every committee works to support the whole organization. No one stands alone in this club.



District III Perennial Bloom Awards – On September 18, 2015, two RSGC members were recognized at NCAGC’s District III Fall Meeting.  Florence Otstot and Alice Conrad received floral bouquets and a Certificate of Appreciation from Jane Smith, District III Director, in recognition of their many years of service and membership in Rock Spring Garden Club.  Florence joined RSGC in 1965 and celebrates 50 years of membership. Alice joined RSGC in 1971 and celebrates 44 years with our club. Both served in many leadership positions, including RSGC president.  Alice and Florence remain busy with club activities and are beloved by all our members.  Congratulations to them!


second and third from left: Florence Otstot, Alice Conrad

Spring 2015 Awards:

Rock Spring Garden Club was recognized for their achievements in 2015 by National, States (Virginia and National Capital Area Garden Club), Region (C.A.R.), and Districts’ (VFGC Piedmont and NCAGC District III) organizations.  We are humbled and thrilled to receive such recognition.  Thank you.


From National Garden Clubs, Inc.

National Award: (1)

Award of Merit – Award #19 – Horticulture Therapy (Renee Bayes, Horticulture Therapy Chair)

Central Atlantic Region Awards (C.A.R) – (Will be presented in October):

Region Awards: (2)

Publication Award – Educational Children’s Book (for Horticulture/Garden Therapy), Mary Cottrell, Author

Horticulture Therapy Award, Renee Bayes, Chair, and Committee

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.

District III Awards: (2)

NCAGC District III Awards:

Certificate of Recognition – Club Yearbook (Mary Cottrell, Editor)
Certificate of Recognition – Club Newsletter (Carol Cochran, Editor)

NCAGC State Awards:(5)

Certificate of Appreciation – Scholarship, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Nature Conservancy, Fern Valley, Rain Gardens at U.S. National Arboretum

Certificate for Outstanding Garden Club Achievement (60+ members) – recognizes all our club’s activities, education and contributions

Yearbook Certificate of Merit (70-99 members), Mary Cottrell, Editor
Outstanding Club Newsletter (70-99 members), Carol Cochran, Editor

Arbor House Service Certificate (Felicia Schwenk, Coordinator and Member volunteers

**District III received recognition for Outstanding Electronic District Newsletters – Mary Cottrell, RSGC Member – Editor**


From Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

STATE Awards: (4)

Blue Ribbon – Youth Horticulture Education (Susan Scotti, Youth Gardening Chair)

Blue Ribbon – Club Newsletter (Carol Cochran, Editor)

Red Ribbon – Club Website (Thea McGinnis, website administrator)

Honorable Mention (White Ribbon) – Civic Project with Native Plants (Barry Woods, Dianne Simmons, Civic Development Chairs)

PIEDMONT District Awards: (5)

Blue Ribbon – Civic Project with Native Plants (Barry Woods, Dianne Simmons, Civic Development Chairs)

Blue Ribbon – Youth Horticulture Education (Susan Scotti, Youth Gardening Chair)

Blue Ribbon – Club Newsletter (Carol Cochran, Editor)

Blue Ribbon – Club Website (Thea McGinnis, website administrator)

Red Ribbon – Club Yearbook  (Mary Cottrell, Editor)



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